Below, I list courses I teach in the current academic year and courses I have taught in previous semesters.


English Department, The University of Iowa

Writing the Everyday with James Joyce: an undergraduate course designed for both English majors and Creative Writing majors who are interested grappling with everyday life in their writing. Students are encouraged to read Joyce’s Ulysses through the lens of their daily lives and compose pieces that bring Joycean textual approaches to their writing.

Rhetoric Department, The University of Iowa

Networks, Strategies, and Tactics: an undergraduate course for Honors students that examines how innovative thinkers get things done and asks students to devise their own socially-focused projects. A required course for the Engaged Social Innovation major track.

Honors Program, The University of Iowa

Futurology: an undergraduate first-year seminar that introduces students to ways of considering the future and invites them to consider past and present social and cultural trends in light of various films and readings.


Rhetoric Department, The University of Iowa

Rhetoric: an introductory course to methods of analysis, presentation, and persuasion for undergraduates.

Speaking Skills: an undergraduate course based in the five canons of invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery.

The Rhetoric of the Wire: an undergraduate first-year seminar that looks at the first season of HBO’s series The Wire and explores the ways in which the show weaves engrossing characters and narratives into an address of various social issues.

Service-learning in the Classroom: a graduate-level seminar examining the foundations of service-learning and how to implement it undergraduate instruction.

Writing in the Disciplines: a graduate-level course that prepares graduate students for the tasks of writing in their home disciplines and moving between different rhetorical registers in their professional writing.

Professional Development Program: a graduate course focused on teacher training, pedagogical approaches, and assignment development. A required course for all new rhetoric instructors.

English Department, The University of Iowa

James Joyce and Everyday Life: an undergraduate course that considers Joyce’s treatment of the everyday and asks students to read the his works in terms of their own engagement with seemingly mundane aspects of life.

Canonical Modernism: an undergraduate course that introduces a rote Modernist canon (Joyce, Pound, Eliot, Woolf) and recontextualizes it within a contemporary critical framework to better understand why these writers became known as the modernists and how they today reside among a variety of modernisms.

20th Century Irish Literature: an undergraduate course that examines the evolution of Irishness from the late 19th to the early 21st century though literature and film. It is tailored to students interested in postcolonialism and studying abroad.

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